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DecoMax Concrete - Concrete Steps

You can make quite a statement with gorgeous elegant steps by DecoMax Concrete.

Truly transforming from simple to extravagant, just by choosing a bullnose and risers.

Options for Concrete Steps

Concrete Steps options include different colors, patterns, and finishes, depending on your preference and budget.

DecoMax Concrete’s Concrete Steps options include the following:

See our Concrete Steps Gallery for examples.

Bullnose Options for Concrete Steps

Project Process for Concrete Steps

A typical project process for concrete steps includes the following elements:

1) Design

  • We work with you to design the concrete steps you want, including type of concrete from above, pattern, color, finish, and shape

2) Excavation

  • Prior to excavation, great consideration goes into planning and removal of existing elements such as concrete, dirt, wood, or asphalt in project area
  • We use machinery where possible and manual labor and wheel barrels in hard to reach areas
  • All excavated material is hauled away

3) Formwork

  • Formwork is established as per approved and contracted design

4) Subgrade Preparation

  • The most critical step in creating long lasting concrete steps is in preparing the foundation with a granular stone subgrade
  • DecoMax Concrete provides a granular stone subgrade, the depth of which is dependent on the number of steps
  • The granular stone subgrade is also graded properly to ensure proper water drainage away from the house
  • Where required, the use of concrete Sonotubes or concrete footings may be recommended for concrete steps

5) Reinforcing Concrete

  • Reinforced steel rods (also known as “re-bars”) are placed in a grid like pattern in concrete steps to increase concrete strength
  • Concrete Steps may also be “pinned” to fixed walls to prevent freeze thaw movement from occuring
  • Reinforced concrete does not prevent or eliminate cracks, its purpose is to increase concrete bonding and strength

6) Concrete Pouring

  • 5″- 6″ thickness of concrete is directly poured into the formed area from a concrete truck and/or wheelbarrows
  • During pouring, concrete is raked into place, reinforced steel rods or wire mesh are raised slightly off the subgrade into proper position, and the concrete is screeded using a straight edge or bull float

7) Concrete Surface Preparation

  • Color Hardner For Stamped Concrete:
    Color hardener is applied to the stamped project area. Once the color hardner is absorbed, the stamped concrete is troweled to a smooth finish.  Next, a Release Agent is applied on the smooth concrete finish prior to the stamping process to prevent the concrete from sticking to the rubber molds used during the stamping process.
  • Retarder For Exposed Aggregate Concrete:
    Retarder Agent is applied on the smooth concrete finish and it is covered for 24 hours to prevent the top concrete layer from curing until the washing step

8) Formwork Removal

  • All formwork is taken apart and hauled away

9) Control Cut Joints

  • Control cut joints are placed in concrete to help prevent cracking where required
  • All control cut joints are cut by dry method using concrete saws with diamond blades

10) Vertical Stamping Parging

  • Color hardener is applied to vertical concrete surfaces and bullnose
  • Stamped patterns are then used to create patterns on vertical concret surfaces and bullnose

11) Pressure Washing

  • For Stamped Concrete:
    Release agent is washed off the concrete surface and then buffed, creating a natural antique look
  • For Exposed Aggregate Concrete:
    Retarder agent is washed off the concrete surface exposing the aggregate concrete pebble look finish

12) Site Clean Up

  • Site clean-up is performed including raking and washing of lawns, roadways etc.

13) Concrete Sealing

  • VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds – compliant acrylic sealer and anti-slip agents are used to  provide a long lasting, deep color, and wet look to Stamped or Exposed Aggregate Concrete
  • For Stamped Concrete: 3 coats of sealer are applied
  • For Exposed Aggregate Concrete: 2 coats of sealer are applied

Budgeting for Concrete Steps

Budgeting for concrete steps takes in to account all the above design factors.

Typically however, the more concrete steps, the lower the pricing per step.

What Clients Think About Their Projects

At first we were skeptical about going with a company that’s not very popular like others, but the guys were amazing to work with.

Very informed and professional, really exceeded our expectations.

We recommend DecoMax Concrete to anyone who’s interested in investing in their properties.

Dave, Oakville

We hired DecoMax Concrete to install our driveway, walkway, steps, landing, sidewalks, and backyard patio.

This was a large job, but the team did a great job, and paid attention to details.

I recommend DecoMax Concrete for all your concrete needs.

Joseph, Oakville

DecoMax Concrete does outstanding work! We were looking to have some cement work, stamping, walkways and sitting walls done in our back yard.

After getting several estimates, we called DecoMax Concrete for one more. When they came out to the house he took our ideas, made suggestions and turned them into something much more eye appealing and practical, something no other company’s took the time to do.

They have a very gifted eye when it comes to hard scape and what the finished product will look like.

Their work quality is 2nd to none.  Its one of the few major projects we have had done to our new home that didn’t require several trips back out for issues.

Their prices were very fair and reasonable.

I have and will continue to refer him to neighbours and friends and I will definitely call him in the future for more hardscape/landscape work.

Larry, Ancaster

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