Regular Spin Finish Concrete

DecoMax Concrete - Regular Spin Finish Concrete

Regular Spin Finish Concrete is a special difficult to do technique in which a broom is passed over the final top layer of concrete in small semi-circular motions to create semi-circular designs in the concrete. This pattern is repeated throughout entire concrete surface.

The result is a semi-circular, illusionary, very clean, and high surface area finish good for anti-slipping properties.

Where Can You Use Regular Spin Finish Concrete

Regular spin finish concrete surfaces are very durable and practical for the following applications:

Advantages of Regular Spin Finish Concrete

  1. Harder surface due to chemical additives increases concrete longevity or durability
  2. Increases resale value of property

Combining Regular Spin Finish Concrete With Other Types of Concrete

Regular Spin Finish Concrete is highly versatile and contrasts beautifully with other decorative concretes such as Stamped Concrete and Exposed Aggregate Concrete.

Regular Spin Finish Concrete Maintenance

Concrete is a porous substance and as such, it is important to maintain on a regular basis, where regular basis takes into account the type of concrete and its use.

Check our Concrete Maintenance page to learn about how to best maintain your concrete substrate.

What Clients Think About Their Projects

At first we were skeptical about going with a company that’s not very popular like others, but the guys were amazing to work with.

Very informed and professional, really exceeded our expectations.

We recommend DecoMax Concrete to anyone who’s interested in investing in their properties.

Dave, Oakville

We hired DecoMax Concrete to install our driveway, walkway, steps, landing, sidewalks, and backyard patio.

This was a large job, but the team did a great job, and paid attention to details.

I recommend DecoMax Concrete for all your concrete needs.

Joseph, Oakville

DecoMax Concrete does outstanding work! We were looking to have some cement work, stamping, walkways and sitting walls done in our back yard.

After getting several estimates, we called DecoMax Concrete for one more. When they came out to the house he took our ideas, made suggestions and turned them into something much more eye appealing and practical, something no other company’s took the time to do.

They have a very gifted eye when it comes to hard scape and what the finished product will look like.

Their work quality is 2nd to none.  Its one of the few major projects we have had done to our new home that didn’t require several trips back out for issues.

Their prices were very fair and reasonable.

I have and will continue to refer him to neighbours and friends and I will definitely call him in the future for more hardscape/landscape work.

Larry, Ancaster

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